Design Thinking for Digital Enterprises

Design Thinking for Digital Enterprises
Mayank Saxena ABN Amro

Session Synopsis

Think of the companies that you admire. Companies that just didn’t endure the test of time or wrath of financial shockwaves but are beyond successful – visionary. Companies before ‘digital age’ and those in current times. Ones who have looked beyond the balance sheet, hierarchies, sales numbers and product. What is the common thread that you see? What is in their culture that keeps them ahead? How do they keep their success stories alive?

We will dig deeper into answering the above. It’s a mindset change and a cultural shift. It starts from the top or the bottom, inside-out or outside-in. It takes time but it needs to be imbibed in the culture of the enterprise. No matter how you look at it – it’s about people, call them employees or customers. All companies deliver a service to these set of individuals. And without them, the enterprise won’t survive.

In the digital age, the audience is still the same just how it’s delivered changes. But what is digital first and how to be the first in being digital to outshine competition? Putting the customer in centricity, we will explore how the existing building blocks self-arrange or recreate themselves.
Through the intersection of Design Thinking and Business Architecture, we will dive into Design Thinking the Digital Enterprise.

Key Takeaways:
– Identify your company’s or team’s digital persona
– How to first think digital before deliver digital
– Creating a constant digital change cycle culture

Location: Date: July 3, 2019 Time: 10:00 am - 10:30 am Mayank Saxena ABN Amro